stay amusedAmusement Club is a global Discord bot for collecting amazing cards from your favourite show or game!Gift a fun game to your discord community!
World Line Routing
Fandom: Steins;Gate
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...what is this?

Amusement Club is a global gacha game for Discord with thousands of cute and fancy cards made by the bot's community.

You can get started on any server by typing ->claim in a bot channel. You will get your first card and special card of the day if you are new player. Each claim will cost you more tomatoes (in-game currency)
->daily will reset your claim cost and give you extra tomatoes.
Collect more cards and get a hero to unlock full game potential!
->help will explain all other functionality

you can also...


cards with other players globally. Your card list is the same on any server throughout Discord. Take this opportunity to visit more servers and meet new people!
You can type ->sell @user card_name a card to player and get bot evaluated price in tomatoes
Get a Hero

who will open full bot features for you once you have 50 stars
Each hero has various abilities that fit your own unique play style
Typing ->hero will summon your current hero

your cards and get new one with higher rarity.
Typing ->forge card_1, card_2 will consume two cards of the same level giving you a card one level higher
Participate in auctions

where you can sell or bid on cards competing with other players typing
->auc will show all current auctions
This feature is available once you have a hero